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Application of stainless steel

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(Summary description)

Application of stainless steel

(Summary description)

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Stainless steel not only has good corrosion resistance, but also has a variety of characteristics such as good appearance, and the application of stainless steel is becoming more and more widespread.

The following table shows simple examples of applications of stainless steel:


Industry Main usage examples Industry Main usage examples
For automobiles Exterior Components Construction Materials


Hot installation parts Re-grinding

FLATWARE(a kind of utensil)

SPOON (spoon), FORK (fork) - export or domestic sales Elevator
Knives-export or domestic sales Building interior and exterior decorative materials
HOLLOWWARE tableware (two kinds of utensils) Deep drawing process (DDQ) - Tensile ratio greater than 1.5 Windows, door materials

DRAWING-Tensile ratio less than 1.5

Chemical equipment Heat Exchangers



Boilers, tanks



Chemical industry furnace
Kitchen equipment Washing tank (SINK) general stretching material (high surface requirements)


Chemical equipment components
Gas stove - high surface requirements General Purpose


Refrigerator (freezer liner)


For high hardness
Electrical appliances Washer, dryer


For processing plants
Microwave Oven


For market circulation
Electronic components (non-magnetic)


Special Purpose
For steel pipes Decorative tubes Transportation equipment Container
Constructed tubes (industrial)


Railroad cars
For drainage pipes



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